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Q & A
1) About the application 

In China, the deadline for various procedures is often 2-3 months before the exhibition.
Depending on the size of the exhibition booth, let's start 3-4 months ago.


2) Exhibition application
→ The period varies depending on the exhibition.
On the first day of the exhibition, we often recruit exhibitors for the next year.
----- Although demand and trendy products are slightly different in China even if the sponsors and names such as SEMICON and NEPCON that are held in Japan are similar, we recommend a preliminary inspection together with a market research.


3) Booth location determination
→ We recommend exhibiting at the International Pavilion (where famous companies from all over the world have the largest number of visitors) and the Japan Pavilion as much as possible in order to directly affect the number of visitors and leads.
In many cases, exhibitors are invited to participate in the Japan Pavilion within JETRO HP.

Even at the exhibition location, prices vary depending on the international pavilion, corner frames along the main passage, and island booths (independent booths like islands without booths around). Places where many visitors can be expected will incur exhibition costs, but within a few days of the session, you will be able to get a lot of opportunities for market research and interaction with prospective customers.


4) Hear what you want to do at the exhibition booth and what effect you want
-Please tell us about trivial matters such as main purpose, business negotiation, event, new product announcement, customer target (BtoB BtoC).
Please tell us about the troubles, complaints, requests, and hopes that occurred at the previous exhibition.


5) Suggestions, quotes, etc.
→ We will propose booths and operation methods according to the effects you want to exhibit (business card acquisition, market research, etc.).
→ We will make corrections and adjustments.


6) After the booth proposal is decided (contracted), construction drawing production and various applications
→ Thank you! I am happy to be with you.
The process from here to the installation is mainly supported by local sponsors and venues.
Please be assured that we will support SOPHIA.


7) Panels, posters, graphics, novelty production, etc.
-> You will be provided with important advertising materials and data supply conditions that are indispensable in the booth.

8) Production, temporary construction, inspection
→ → Temporary construction and inspection of the manufactured parts at the SOPHIA factory before bringing them to the venue.
Pay close attention to safety.
We will provide photos, videos, etc. regarding the production status and temporary construction.


9) Setup and delivery of booth
→ SOPHIA staff is stationed at the venue during construction as site management.
Please be assured that we will respond to various on-site needs.
10) Exhibition period
→ The electricians of the factory are stationed at the venue.
Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will perform safety inspections, cleaning and other on-site responses every morning.


11) Term ends, removal, etc.
→ We will proceed with the factory staff under the presence of SOPHIA staff.
We can also handle equipment returns and shipping procedures (please contact us for details).
12) I can't speak Chinese at all
We will support 3 Japanese staff.
Both have been involved in exhibition work in China for over 8 years.


13) I would like to have a banquet during the session. Is there a good shop?
Please tell us your request.
We will make proposals according to your request such as scale and budget.


14) Is there a hotel near the venue?
Since we have a business tie-up with a hotel near the venue, it is possible to secure priority.
Please contact us for the reservation procedure.


15) There are many companies that can manufacture locally, but most of them are local subcontractors.
We are promoting production and management under our own manufacturing system and our own factory for over 10 years.
We have been maintaining a “one business, one person in charge” system since the company was founded, and the sales staff at the counter will take full responsibility until the business ends.
Please be assured that temporary construction, construction, exhibition, removal, sales, processes, and factory staff work together as a team to promote operations.

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